#SuperBowlintheConvent Takes Twitter by Storm!

Sr. Theresa Aletheia Noble, FSP

What happens when a group of sisters decide to create a hashtag so they can tweet their responses to the Super Bowl? One of the most hilarious set of tweets you’ll read all year!

According to ChurchPOP, the idea came from St. Theresa Aletheia Noble, FSP, a former atheist who quit her job in Silicon Valley and joined the Daughters of St. Paul.

The popular blogger, who now lives in Miami, created a hashtag #SuperBowlintheConvent for her fellow sisters to use during the big game and it produced a series of the most hilarious tweets of the night.

For instance, Sr. Bethany, FSP, tweeted: “Nun 1: Did you see that player? He made the sign of the cross. Nun 2: “oooh! We like him!”

After watching the spooky Turbo Tax Commercial, Sr. Theresa Aletheia tweeted, “That house needs an exorcism.”

She also tweeted: “Nun 1: Do they have to catch it to count? Nun 2: They do Sister, they do.”

St. Theresa also let everyone know that “Nun in her 80’s leaving during the commercial, saying, ‘This is a bunch of bologna’.”

Sr. Bethany, FSP

Sr. Julie Benedicta chimed tweeted: “Nun 1: “What’s a Hail Mary? Nun 2: A long pass. Nun 1: Must be long if you can say the whole thing . . .”

Cecilia Cicone tweeted: “Sister: I hope people realize the Blessed Mother is good for something other than touchdowns.”

Sister B tweeted about a discussion amongst the nuns about Justin Timberlake’s audio problems during the half-time show, saying that “Maybe having bad audio is a blessing, then?”

The hashtag quickly took off, and had people weighing in from all over, such as Glenn Jones who tweeted: “#superbowlintheconvent is making me think about converting to Catholicism.”

Shannon Golden tweeted: “Everyone follow #superbowlintheconvent. It’s the greatest thing ever! I may have to go back to mass!”

Whether it was planned this way or not, the hashtag gave everyone a glimpse into the convent with most coming away glad for having had the chance.

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