Doctors Confirm Cure of Leukemia with Cord Blood Stem Cells

By Susan Brinkmann, OCDS
Staff Journalist

Doctors in Berlin are confirming that they have cured a four year-old girl of leukemia with an infusion of stem cells from her own umbilical cord blood. (LSN) is reporting that doctors associated with the German umbilical cord blood bank Vita 34 say they have succeeded in curing a girl of leukemia after conventional methods failed. Thankfully, the girl’s parents had preserved the umbilical cord blood at the time of her birth and doctors were able to acquire the stem cells needed for the procedure. At the time the infusion was given in 2005, the child had only three months to live.

It is now five years later and, after continuous monitoring, there are no signs of leukemia cells in her blood, prompting doctors to finally confirm that she has been cured.

“Seventy-five months have passed and we can speak of a cure with certainty,” said Eberhard Lampeter of Vita 34.

This is reportedly the first case of a child who was cured of leukemia with stem cells derived from her own umbilical cord blood. 

Stem cell pioneer Dr. Colin McGuckin recently told LifeSiteNews that, despite amazing success with umbilical cord blood treatments, it remains difficult to obtain funding for research because of the “cult of celebrity” in science, which rewards controversial research over research that is truly effective in saving lives.

“People aren’t talking about cord blood because it’s not controversial,” McGuckin told LSN. “Consequently, it does not make headlines and therefore researchers who want to use the cells from cord blood do not receive funding.”

An Executive Order signed by President Barack Obama shortly after he took office in 2009 has opened the door for even more money for the floundering embryonic stem cell research which has yet to produce any viable results. On the other hand, adult stem cells are already being used to treat more than 100 conditions.

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