Day 26: Daily Gracelines – Advent Journey with Mary

Theme: Advent is a time of waiting and preparing for the coming of the Savior. Mary, the Mother of God, waits patiently for the birth of her Son and Savior, Jesus Christ to Whom she has given her life.
Grace: I pray for the grace of Marian surrender and anticipation of the Savior during this holy Advent and Christmas season.

A little while, and then the day was slipping down behindMary Joseph journeying-together to Bethlehem
The dark, and clung there, like a crystal drop…
O, was there here some haste that pushed the light more
Hurriedly, as if this were an ending era, and the last of Days?…
Then suddenly, the road was turning, and ahead, some
clustered roofs…
He turned, and called to her: “Mary, it is here. This is Bethlehem.
so now he pulled the bridle on a path well worn, ahead of him.
…A fire and feel that there were others near. A kind of courtyard,
square, but with a roof around the edges, and a gate to close…
Joseph’s eyes were hopeful as he stood to wait an answer.
Then he heard them say, there was no room for them within the inn.

Excerpts from A Woman Wrapped In Silence by John W. Lynch, reprinted by permission of Paulist Press, Inc

For Reflection:

These lines speak of hope and promise, new beginnings and graces.
But, they also speak of the Cross. Where and how do you see both? Consider how the Cross is implicit from the moment of Mary’s annunciation to the moment of Golgotha. How is it at the heart of the Christmas story – in its joys and its deprivations? How have your crosses also produced joy? What do you make of the words, “…as if this were an ending era, and the last of days”?

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