Did Astrologer Predict Diana’s Death?

GK writes: “I heard that Princess Diana believed in astrology and that her personal astrologer predicted her death. Is this true?”

It’s true that the Princess of Wales was a believer in astrology and very much relied on the advice of her personal astrologer; however, the prediction that was made about the weekend of her death did not concern an impending disaster, just a “dramatic experience.”

According to this article which recently appeared in the Daily Mail, the princess’ personal astrologer, Debbie Frank, who was also a close friend and confidant of the royal, predicted a “huge event” to take place on the weekend that Diana died in a car crash in Paris. The two were studying an astrological chart together at Kensington Palace when they saw an eclipse in the princess’ forecast, an event that astrologers associate with some kind of dramatic experience.

Frank, who worked with Diana from 1989 until her death in 1997 said Diana interpreted the eclipse to be warning of a positive event such as had happened in the past when an eclipse predicted the birth of her son, William, and her separation from Prince Charles.

“She was really happy with Dodi [Fayed], was spending more time with the boys and embarking on more work as an ambassador. We thought the alignment could be a positive,” Frank recalled. “I spoke to her after that meeting, in a final phone call, and she sounded wonderful and told me, ‘I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.’ I had no idea she would die. I would never have been able to stop it. Let’s get one thing clear, astrologers can’t predict death.”

Being nothing more than a Babylonian occult-art, astrology can’t predict anything, let alone death, but most astrologers believe it is unethical to do so anyway.

Diana certainly wasn’t looking for such a prediction at the time but she was known to rely on the practice quite heavily at times. At the peak of her friendship with Frank, Diana was known to call three times a day for advice. She even called from a yacht off the Greek coast while on a second honeymoon with Charles after the princess found out her husband was secretly phoning Camilla during the voyage.

The last time the two spoke was about three weeks before Diana’s death when Frank read the chart of Diana’s partner, Dodi.

“I remember the day vividly,” Frank told The Sun. “She looked radiant, full of life. She had put on weight from the gaunt person I’d first met. She was in a pink Versace dress with a tulip neckline, in tribute to her friend, fashion designer Gianni, who had been killed days before. We had an impromptu review of her life.

“We then looked at Camilla’s chart and I told her that Camilla had a tough time ahead. She said ‘that will be because Charles always blows hot and cold’. We had no idea Diana’s fate would be linked to that tough time.

“Then we went through hers. I didn’t think for one minute that something so dreadful would occur. I gave her a big hug and she waved me off.”

It was the last time they would ever see each other.

As I explain in my book, The Learn to Discern Compendium, astrology is an unscientific Babylonian occult art that is not compatible with Catholicism. St. John Paul II warns that even those who think reading horoscopes just for fun are putting their trust in something other than God’s providence.

“If we want good direction to our life, we must learn to discern its plan, by reading the mysterious ‘road signs’ God puts in our daily history. For this purpose neither horoscopes nor fortune-telling is useful. What is needed is prayer, authentic prayer, which should always accompany a life decision made in conformity with God’s law.”
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