New Documentary Chronicles Pedophilia in Hollywood

In the wake of actor Kevin Spacey’s dual revelations about being gay and allegedly molesting a teen actor, a new documentary gives a gripping account of just how pervasive is the problem of pedophilia in Tinsel Town.

Thanks to a dear friend of our ministry, who is associated with Hollywood and can’t be named for obvious reasons, we have been alerted to a new documentary by Esponda Productions LLC entitled An Open Secret.

This PG-13 version of the hour-long film features the abused and their loved ones speaking out about the exploitation they experienced as minors while trying to get ahead in the film industry.

“I just watched this new documentary and I think it’s really powerful,” our friend wrote in an email the other day. “It’s with child actors sharing their stories/experiences of the pedophilia that is happening in Hollywood.”

Her only frustration with the video is how the filmmakers go out of their way to “push the lie” that pedophilia is not a “gay” problem.

“It’s mentioned by a detective and then again written out toward the end of the credits by the filmmakers. It’s sad and ridiculous to see how scared they are of the gay community,” she said.

In spite of this short-coming, she says she’s still glad that the film swings open the door to Hollywood’s “secrets” – “which are not secrets to everyone in Hollywood.”

It may be difficult to stomach the steady drumbeat of sickening sexual abuse scandals coming out of Hollywood these days, but she’s actually hoping for more and that there will be real repercussions – not like the culprits in the documentary who have gotten away with it and are still in the industry working with children.

“I also hope that we can foster the arts as Catholics and support those who have the talent and capability” she said, with the hopes that we will one day replace these depraved people with genuinely healthy art.

Click here to watch this powerful video – which is being offered for free for a limited time – and be sure to share it with everyone you know!

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