Shared Love

September 16

Feast of St. Cornelius, Pope and Martyr (D. 253)

and St. Cyprian, Bishop and Martyr  (D. 258)

By that shared love which binds us closely together, we are doing all we can to exhort our congregation, to give ourselves unceasingly to fastings, vigils and prayers in common. These are the heavenly weapons which give us the strength to stand firm and endure; they are the spiritual defenses, the God-given armaments that protect us.

                                                -St. Cyprian in a letter to St. Cornelius

Today’s Reflection:

What are the “heavenly weapons” God gives us to strengthen us to stand firm and endure? What other benefit do these “spiritual defenses” give us? Is there a circumstance, situation, or difficulty in my life or the life of my community that calls for the use of these armaments?




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