Duped by the Prosperity Gospel

46198637 - in god we trust on a one dollar billThe New Age prosperity Gospel is so well-packaged and delivered it’s easy to become enchanted by it. Otherwise known as the health and wealth Gospel,” people who espouse this teaching believe that God meant for everyone to be rich. All we have to do is ask in the right way, or be generous to others, in order to trigger an avalanche of cash.

As BB from Oklahoma relates, it was only by the grace of God that he was finally able to see through this preposterous misrepresentation of Sacred Scripture.

“I was watching on television, out of curiosity, a couple of well-known TV preachers and was taken by statements they made. One well-known Houston Texas area TV preacher was telling his congregation to use ‘power thoughts’ to improve their lives. The term “power thoughts” struck me as odd so I googled the term ‘power thought’ and was directed to a New Age site on ‘power thoughts.’ Interesting.

“Another well-known TV preacher has been teaching on ‘quantum faith.’ Again the term ‘quantum faith’ sounded strange not ever hearing anything like this in the Bible or Catholic Church teachings. I again googled ‘quantum faith’ and several New Age related websites came up. So the question is, just how much has the New Age made its way into some, if not all, prosperity preachers?

“I was once involved with this form of teaching and it was anything but prosperous. I listen to these preachers more diligently and really listening to what they say I am beginning to hear things that I didn’t before. I was away from the Catholic Church for 40 years and have been back for about 6 years and the expression ‘Couldn’t see the forest for the trees’ never seemed so true.”

Sadly, many of these popular TV preachers are immersed in the New Age whether they realize it or not, and are leading too many of their followers down the same sorry trail.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us, BB!


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