Women of Grace in Mandeville

Mandeville LouisiannaMary Queen of Peace Parish in Mandeville, Louisiana graduated 12 participants from their first Women of Grace® Foundational Study program.

A luncheon was hosted at the home of Paulette Renaudin who co-facilitated the study with Cecil Beatrous. The participants ranged in ages from 48-75 years of wisdom! This vibrant group represented active servants of the Lord: All twelve women are involved in Spiritual Direction, Faith Companioning, and many other Parish Ministries.  One is even a published author.

Cecil and Paulette both agreed that the study enhanced and invigorated their ministries and their lives by helping each to feel more comfortable in sharing their faith, using the Catholic Catechism and the Bible! Paulette related that the group loved Johnnette’s teachings by DVD because they were lead to more fully appreciate and explore the many aspects of their authentic femininity. Some of the participants expressed that they signed up with different expectations than what they left with; the study exceeded their expectations!!!”

Join us as we “transform the world one woman at a time” together by starting a Women of Grace study group in your area. Visit womenofgrace.com or call 1-800-558-5452 for more information!


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