The hijacking of woman


Recently I welcomed guest Sue Ellen Browder, author of the book “Subverted: How I Helped the Sexual Revolution Hijack the Women’s Movement” to talk about the hijacking and manipulation of woman in modern-day society.

Journalist Sue Ellen went from “Cosmo girl” to an authentic Catholic woman. On this hard-hitting program, she reveals how the women’s movement—that was supposed to be about women’s equality—was purposefully and silently twisted into a sexual revolution. Sue Ellen tells you the exact date and location when abortion was forcefully injected into the equal rights amendment to push it into the women’s movement and the controversial split that sparked from this, even among the feminists.

subvertedOne caller, Rosemarie, is concerned to see that her granddaughter does not have motherhood in her mindset nor in her conversation—but rather sports, career and ambition—so what can Rosemarie say to help? Nancy calls in to point out the propaganda in the media is engulfing young women today. Have pen and paper ready.

Listen, here, to EWTN Radio’s “Women of Grace LIVE.”




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