A Tale of Two Marches: A Video Montage

march for life 3Commentary by Susan Brinkmann, OCDS

With the exception of their comparable crowd sizes, there was a world of difference between the ideology and rhetoric of the Women’s March and the March for Life, differences which become glaringly obvious in videos captured during the events.

The following videos make it very obvious which March took the high road – and which one went almost as low as it goes.


Proponents of the Women’s March are boasting that the March for Life wasn’t nearly as large as their march as if to imply that our cause is somehow not as important as theirs. However, crowd size figures are disputed on both sides with some claiming the marches ranged anywhere from 450,00 to 600,000. When it comes to momentum, the measuring stick isn’t found in crowd size, it’s found in the perseverance of its adherents. The Women’s March happened once – the March for Life happens once per year.

For those who say our crowds weren’t very big, watch this amazing time-lapse photo of the enormous crowds that marched on Washington on Friday.


When it comes to worldview, the two marches could not have been more different. This video shows the vast disparity between the people who attended the March for Life vs. those who attended the Women’s March. Attendees’ responses were compared on issues such as when life begins, the defunding of Planned Parenthood, how to square abortion with the fifth commandment, how they treated protestors at their marches, etc.


The messaging of the two marches is also interesting to compare. This video, entitled Mia vs. Madonna, compares the rhetoric at both events.



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