Frozen Unborn Children Found in Office of Outlawed Abortionist

By Susan Brinkmann, OCDS
Staff Journalist

An unscrupulous abortionist whose clinics were shut down in several states was recently caught transporting patients from New Jersey to Maryland in order to skirt the law and perform abortions. During a police raid of his facilities, police found 35 frozen unborn children preserved in jars. is reporting that the Maryland Board of Physicians issued a cease and desist order on Aug. 25 against Stephen Chase Brigham, the owner of 15 abortion clinics in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Maryland. The Board discovered that because Brigham’s New Jersey clinics did not meet safety standards, he was performing part of the procedure in New Jeresy, then transporting his patients to Maryland where the abortion would be completed by another himself or abortionist named Nicola I. Riley.

Brigham was caught last month when he was forced to bring an 18 year-old victim of a botched abortion to a Maryland hospital.

According to LifeSite, the girl was seriously injured when Riley accidentally cut through her uterus and lacerated her bowel during an abortion. Refusing to call an ambulance, Brigham put the girl in his car and drove her to a local hospital. Once there, he and Riley dodged questioning about who they were and what had happened to the girl.

The teen survived, but had to be flown to Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore.

The Maryland Board was alerted to the situation and discovered that Brigham had been performing surgical procedures in the town of Elkton, Maryland, as regularly as four to six times per week for several months, even though he is not licensed to practice medicine there.

“The health of Maryland patients is being endangered by the Respondent’s unlicensed practice of medicine in this State,” stated the cease and desist order.

A police raid on Brigham’s Elkton office turned up 35 “late-term fetuses and fetal parts” that were found frozen in jars.

As a result of the scheme, the board has suspended the medical license of Dr. Riley and another abortionist, George Shepard, Jr.

According to Operation Rescue, Brigham has been under investigation and discipline throughout his entire 20-year career: he voluntarily retired his medical license in Pennsylvania while under investigation just six years after graduating from medical school. Since then, Brigham had medical licenses revoked in New York and Florida, and received disciplinary action in California and New Jersey, and has served 120 days in jail in 1998 for Medicaid fraud.

Operation Rescue has sent a letter to Maryland’s Attorney General urging that criminal charges be brought against Brigham.

“There is a largely unspoken crisis in this country brought on by abortionists who insist that they are above the law,” said Operation Rescue spokesperson Cheryl Sullenger.

“We can no longer turn a blind eye to these abortion abuses and pretend that things like this can’t happen in a nation where abortion is legally permissible. Brigham is just one example in an industry where this kind of behavior is the norm and not the exception.”

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