World Turned Upside Down: Transgender Couple Have Baby

Diane Rodriquez (seated) and Fernando Machado with newborn son

Diane Rodriquez (seated) and Fernando Machado with newborn son

Commentary by Susan Brinkmann, OCDS

In what is being a called a “first” for humanity, a transgender “man” has given birth to a baby produced by her and her “woman” partner.

The Express is reporting on the bizarre new “family” which consists of Fernando Machado – born female but posing as male – and Diane Rodriguez – born male but posing as female – who met on social media in Ecuador in 2013.

The high-profile transgender couple decided to keep their relationship public and were only too happy to announce the news that “Mr.” Machado was pregnant – a feat that was only possible because neither Machado nor Rodriguez has had surgery.

“We live as man and woman. I’m a transfeminine woman and Fernando is a transmasculine man. The process to get here was complex for each of us,” Rodriguez said. “Knowing it’s our right, we decided to add another member to our family.”

“Being a mother was never something I thought I would do because I am a transsexual,” Machado said. “We are the same as other families. Even though we might not have the same rights, we’re the same.”

fernandoIn a sense, they are the same as other families – one is male and the other is female; however, the female is pretending to be a male and the male is pretending to be a female. Let’s get real. This is hardly the traditional family.

The couple is quick to remind that having a child is their “right” so they chose to bring an innocent human life into this unnatural and utterly complicated situation.

Machado says she was thrilled to be pregnant (while walking around in men’s clothes), how she “started crying with happiness, fear and dread.”

”I had never felt like that before,” she said. “Wow, at last, I am completely happy.”

Yes, but what about the child? Will they “come out” to him one day? If so, how will this impact the boy to know his mother is acting like a man and his father is acting like a woman?

Or will they encourage him to choose whatever gender he wants to be as he grows up, thereby introducing gender confusion where there might not have been any in the first place?

How sad to think this could very well end up as another “first” for humanity – a male pretending to a female and a female pretending to be a male have a son who decides he wants to pretend to be a daughter.

This is truly becoming a world turned upside down.

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