Belonging To Jesus


“Jesus has chosen us for Himself. WeChrist Jesus My love belong to Him! Let us be so convinced of this “belonging: that we allow nothing, however small, to separate us from His love.

                ~Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta



For Reflection:

Specifically, in what ways do I belong to Jesus? Name those areas of myself and my life that I still need to turn over to His ownership.


The Authority of Women in the Catholic Churchb1697
by Monica Miller; PB 202 pgs
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“Miller’s book does not just advocate a ‘role’ for women in the Church. As the title indicates, she explains what authority women already have. This is not a polemical or apologetic work but one that engages feminist theology with a wonderfully creative, deeply theological and biblically-based explanation of what authority means and how female authority differs from, yet is in relation to, male authority.”

–Janet Smith, professor of moral theology and the Fr. Michael J. McGivney Chair of Life Issues at the Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit, Michigan

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