Feast of St. Monica (331 – 387)


“One thing only I ask you, that youPriests, Purgatory, Mass remember me at the altar of the Lord wherever you may be.”

                                    ~St. Monica

For Reflection:

What Holy Soul may benefit by my remembrance at the altar? I promise to do so for the next month.


Sexuality and Authority in the Catholicb1701 Church
Monica Miller  PB 286 pgs
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Yet there exists no systematic, comprehensive attempt to explain the meaning of ecclesial authority itself by which the authority of women can be understood in the light of faith. This book is at least a beginning in that direction. Cardinal Joseph Bernadin of Chicago recently stated the need for such a theology and Archbishop Weakland of Milwaukee stated, after the American bishops failed to approve a pastoral letter on women in November 1992, that the debate over women’s role in the Church and society is “just starting.”

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