Faithfulness To God



“Perform faithfully what God requires of youSt Jane Frances Chantal each moment and leave the thought of everything else to Him. I assure you that to live in this way will bring you great peace.”

~St. Jane Frances De Chantal



For Reflection:

St. Jane De Chantal gives a secret to the peace-filled life. What are her two recommendations? I will identify the first and pray for the grace to follow through with the second.


b1672The Pornography Epidemic, A Catholic Approach
by Peter Kleponis, Ph.D
PB 96 Pages
Click Here For More Information:                       Chapter One
Here are some more statistics from (2010): Internet Pornography Statistics
~There are 4.2 million pornographic websites
~There are 420 million pornographic web pages
~68 million daily search engine requests (Google) are for pornography
~25% of all search engine requests
~There are 4.5 billion average daily pornographic emails
~There are 100,000 child porn websites worldwide

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