Seeking God’s Will


“If we make a quietness within ourselves,God's will Psalm 143-10 if we silence all desires and opinions and if we love, without formulating any words, we bind our whole soul to think “Thy will be done,” the thing which after that we feel sure we should do…is the will of God.”

                                     ~Simone Weil

For Reflection:

In what one area am I presently seeking God’s will? According to the quote, what steps should I take to discover it? Am I willing to do so?



The Pornography Epidemic, A Catholic Approach
by Peter Kleponis, Ph.D
PB 96 Pages
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Information:                        Chapter One
The Problem of Pornography

Bishop Robert Finn wrote, paraphrasing John Paul II, that “the problem with pornography is not that it reveals too much of the person (exposed in the image), but that it reveals too little of the person. The person in the image is reduced to their sexual organs and sexual faculties and is thereby de-personalized” (Finn, 2007).

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