Feast of the Visitation of Mary


“Blessed is she who trusted that the"painted" on computer, 1204 Lord’s word to her would be fulfilled.”


~Luke 1:45






For Reflection:

To what extent do I believe that God’s word to me will be fulfilled? What can I do to increase my trust?


We Need to Talk: God Speaks to a Modern Girl

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As incredible as it might seem, in spite of all my resistance and utter unworthiness, He worked a gigantic miracle for me.  And it wasn’t some happy little moment.  It was huge. It was the biggest thing that ever happened to me, so big that it changed me–and my life–forever. This is the story of that miracle, and I’m writing it for everyone who really needs to know that there is a God. He’s not a gargoyle.  And if he’ll do all this for someone like me, he’ll do it for you, too.

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