Hope Of All Hopes


“Hope always draws the mind fromhope fidelity anchor what is seen to what is beyond; it always encourages the yearning for the hidden from what is perceived.”

                    ~St. Gregory of Nyssa







For Reflection:

In what one way is God asking me to exercise hope today? Am I seeking the hidden from what I perceive? What might be “beyond” my perception?


We Need to Talk: God Speaks to a Modern Girl

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…you will come to agree that what happened between God and me beginning in late 1991 was nothing short of astonishing.  Sure, it’s another conversion story, but what makes mine unique is more the way God behaved than the way I did.  He came to me exactly where I was in life. He entered my world, wading into knee-deep piles of sin, slogging through the fog of my politically correct world view and dealing daily with my stubborn refusal to like Him. He never once tried to make me into someone I wasn’t. He accepted me for who I was and left all the choices up to me.

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