Perfect Peace


“I found Him when I took leave of allSilence 6 creatures. I found Him in my inmost heart. When I am silent with men I am able to converse with God and with Him I always find perfect peace.”

                          ~Brother Lawrence



For Reflection:

According to Brother Lawrence, why would God be closer to us than water is to a fish (St. Catherine of Siena)? What three steps does he recommend we employ to find God? What must I do or do differently to incorporate these steps into my everyday life?


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And, in my opinion, the people who followed Him were even worse. They were nothing but a bunch of geeks in thick glasses and bad haircuts who shouted “Praise the Lord!” at inappropriate times and spoke in Bible verses rather than plain English. They were “Jesus freaks” and there was no way I would ever be like them. In fact, I can distinctly remember the time I told God that I would rather kill myself with a butter knife than turn out like one of them.

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