Nourish Their Souls


“It is not enough for Christian parents toSoul Food 2-tim-3-14-15 nourish only the bodies of their children; even animals do this. They must also nourish their souls in grace, in virtue, and in God’s holy commandments.”

                                           ~St. Catherine of Siena




For Reflection:

In light of natural motherhood and spiritual motherhood, what can I do to better nourish those entrusted to me “in grace, in virtue, and God’s holy commandments.”



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  Of Mary, there is never enough!

Every day from one end of the earth to the other, in the highest heights of the heavens and in the profoundest depths of the abysses, everything preaches, everything publishes, the admirable Mary! The nine choirs of angels, men of all ages, sexes, conditions and religions, the good and the bad–even the demons themselves, willingly or unwillingly–are compelled by the force of truth to call her “blessed.”

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