Young Women of Grace Feel the Heat in Today’s Culture

Working on our t-shirts

Working on our t-shirts

The discussion that took place during our last Young Women of Grace meeting confirmed the reason why we feel so passionately about this study – our girls are under-fire daily in our rapidly unraveling culture and are in desperate need of encouragement, counsel, and support!

The reality of what girls are up against in the world today came about while discussing a review question from Lesson Two in the study. The question came from page 11 and asked girls what they thought the Council Fathers meant when they said the hour is near when women’s vocation will acquire a new influence and power.

At first, the girls all talked about how women were gaining more and more prominence and power in the world. They are now able to influence policy in many countries which promises to bring the feminine genius more deeply into the fabric of our world.

But then one member of our group, who openly espouses a dream to be a wife and mother, said this new power applied to women who choose to stay at home and be mothers – although no one seems to think that way in the world today.

“When I say I want to be a wife and mother, they ask, ‘But don’t you want to go to college?’” she said.

Another chimed in, “Who says you can’t do both?”

This seemed to open the floodgates. Almost all of the girls who attend public school began to talk about how they are treated – or should we say mistreated –  in school because of their faith and values.

For example, one girl told the story of a discussion in her Latin class which was about gender roles in ancient Rome and how this patriarchal society relegated women to second class stature.

A young man in the class, who is well-known for his Christian faith, tried to look at the bright side and saw reason to be glad that women were endowed with such perfect qualities for the upbringing of children and families, such as their nurturing and loving spirits.

The teacher took this the wrong way and was instantly offended. She got so mad at the student that she threatened to throw him out of the class.

“At first, I thought she was kidding!” one of our girls said. “But she was serious!” She was clearly shocked by the teacher’s appalling behavior.

“So sad!” another girl chimed in.

Aren't they gorgeous?

Aren’t they gorgeous?

They also complained about not being able to voice their opinion because everyone calls them a bigot or a hater if it’s not the prevailing PC opinion.

“You can’t have an opinion anymore!”

“PC is a pain!”

“It’s so unfair!”

We talked for a long time and it was good to know that they look to their Catholic home life to “get centered” after being “pushed and pulled” in the world all day long. One member added that Young Women of Grace was becoming another place to “get centered” after these experiences.

Those girls who attend a private Catholic school or are homeschooled described their experience much differently, calling it “heaven”!

Being a support to one another is the main reason why the girls all exchanged cell phone numbers so they can text each other for spiritual and prayer support in between meetings!

We spent the rest of the meeting decorating t-shirts with our Young Women of Grace logo and other sayings such as “Daughter of the King” to wear this weekend to a showing of RISEN at a local theater.

Our beautiful pioneers have bravely offered to study two lessons for the next meeting because all agreed that one lesson was not too much work in addition to their school assignments. They will let us know in two weeks if this was too much.

All in all, it was a very heartfelt meeting that continues to bond us to one another and forge that sacred sisterhood that will hopefully remain with us forever.


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