Exorcist: Movies Depict Evil & Exorcism Inaccurately

exorcismIn a hard-hitting article appearing in the Vatican’s L’Osservatore Romano, the president of the International Association of Exorcists expressed his disappointment that instead of depicting reality – the power of God over evil – most movies are failing to portray this truth accurately.

The Catholic Herald is reporting on the article, written by Fr. Francesco Bamonte, who says the portrayal of exorcism in the world of fiction could promote greater awareness about the Catholic faith, but is instead depicting evil, demonic possession, the prayer of exorcism and liberation in a way that “disappointing and unacceptable.”

The Church entrusts her priests with the power to liberate people from satanic power, but movies insist on hiding or outright ignoring this truth along with evidence of the “stupendous presence and work of God” as well as the role of Mary in the battle against evil.

For example, in reality, “the demon, even if he doesn’t want to, is forced against his will to affirm the truth of our Catholic faith,” Bamonte said.

Demons also react violently to the use of holy water or a holy relic.

“When listening to a prayer to the Virgin, (the demon) shows all of his hatred and fear toward her, he is forced to confirm that Mary is the mother of God and that she intercedes for humanity,” Fr Bamonte wrote.

The greatest inaccuracy of all, however, is portraying God and Satan as two equal powers – the good against the bad, the light against the darkness.

“Satan is not the god of evil against the God of the good, rather he is a being who God created as good and who, with some angels — also created good by God — became evil because they refused God and his kingdom with their free and final choice,” Father Bamonte said.

“Satan and the spirits at his service, therefore, are not omnipotent beings, they cannot perform miracles, they are not omnipresent, they cannot know our thoughts or know the future.”

People “who live with trusting abandon in God’s arms are stronger than the devil and all of his minions — these truths do not emerge in the movies,” he said.

“What could have provided a good service to the Church and the faith becomes the usual and subtle attack of Satan against the foundations of the Catholic Church,” he concluded.



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