State Pressures Girl Into Late-Term Abortion

By Susan Brinkmann, OCDS
Staff Journalist

In what some are calling a harbinger of things to come now that ObamaCare is law, a caseworker for the Department of Human Services (DHS) in Pennsylvania is being accused of pressuring a Philadelphia teen into a late-term abortion by threatening to take away her toddler and the unborn child should she decide to go through with the pregnancy.

The Philadelphia Daily News is reporting that the teen’s foster mother and a social worker named Marisol Rivera reported the problem, saying the girl was 24 weeks pregnant at the time. Because abortions are illegal in Pennsylvania at 24 weeks, the teen was driven to neighboring New Jersey for the procedure. Because the girl is a minor whose birth mother refused to approve the procedure, the DHS had to secure a judge’s order for the abortion.

Although it is DHS policy that a state worker accompany any minor who has a court-ordered medical procedure, the teen went alone to the first appointment which was cancelled because she did not have the proper paperwork and the clinic would not accept her Medicaid card. A DHS worker accompanied her the second time when the abortion was performed.

Unfortunately, the DHS neglected to inform the foster mother about the second abortion attempt, causing the woman to panic when the girl didn’t return home from school that day. When the teen finally arrived home at 8:30 that evening she said “the baby is dead” and told her mother that a DHS worker named Cynthia Brown had taken her out of school that day to get an abortion in New Jersey.

To make matters even worse, Rivera said she was fired by her employer, Concilio, a DHS subcontractor, for refusing to cooperate in the scheme.

“They hired me to work in child protection, not to kill children,” Rivera told the Daily News.

Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council says the episode is not isolated and could be a harbinger of things to come now that the pro-abortion ObamaCare has become law.

“Of the 335 girls who became pregnant under DHS’s care, almost a third abort–and nearly half of those are done by a judge’s order,” Perkins said.

“What can we expect from the new federal health care plan? Well, if this story from Pennsylvania is any indication, a multi-state pro-abortion campaign,” he said.

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