What’s a Lightworker?

200144937-001MH asks: “Can you explain the meaning behind the seemingly increased occurrences of seeing the numbers 11:11 or 1:11. People say they just happen to look at a clock when it shows 11:11. People in the New Age Movement say this is not coincidental, that it’s the “lightworker activation code”. Do you think it’s merely coincidental that people seem to be drawn to that number or is there something else behind it?”

The 11:11 lightworker activation code is linked to shamanism and numerology, both of which are occult-based.

For those of you who never heard of a lightworker, this is a fanciful New Age being who allegedly comes into the world with a special mark. According to this YouTube video, Lightworkers are born with a strong inner desire to spread Light (knowledge love and freedom) throughout the planet. They’re “older” souls, meaning they have acquired a lot of experience in past lives and carry within themselves memories of non-terrestrial light spheres (whatever that means). They consciously accepted to be born as humans in order to fully live the earth experience. These people have felt special all their lives, even lonely and alienated at times, and thus find their own path in life in spite of religious and cultural constraints.

According to Judith Kusel, a self-proclaimed soul-reader, Lightworkers actually signed a soul-contract before they were born which makes it imperative that they live up to their mission. They do this by giving up the struggle to come to terms with who they are and stop trying to please everyone around them. They must become fully “activated” and assume their role as peacemakers in the world.

Thus, when a person sees a repetitive number, such as 11:11, this is a kind of activation code which confirms that they are a lightworker (or Starseed) and are being warned that they are transitioning from “normal” life to an alternate reality where the soul leads rather than the mind. They could also see other repetitive numbers as 22:22, or 33:33 but 11:11 seems to be the one most favored by these believers.

The use of numbers in this way is considered to be numerology, an occult art which uses numbers to divine the future or to define specific characteristics about a person.

My advice to MH is to just ignore seeing these numbers. Satan is more than capable of arranging for us to see repetitive numbers which he can use to lure us, through our innate curiosity, into believing we are something other than a child of God. He would be more than happy to convince us that we lived past lives and bear the special mark of a “lightworker” so he can draw us away from revealed Truth and ensnare us in the whimsical web of these and other New Age constructs.

By the way, I often see the numbers 9-1-1 but I use these occasions to pray for souls who were lost that day and for an end to terrorism.


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