Grace Alerts: A Brand New Free Service for You

I am pleased to announce a brand new service offered through Women of Grace® and Living His Life Abundantly® called Grace Alerts. We are committed to bringing you important and relevant information that can help you live your faith in our day and time, and these “alerts” will help to do just that. Grace Alerts will inform you of video presentations available to view free of charge on our website. 
We have interviewed hundreds of knowledgeable experts through the years who have helped us navigate through the turbulent and sometimes stormy sea of ideas swirling around us. They present us with clear, cogent, and Catholic insights that aid us to form our opinions based on truth. 

In recent weeks I have heard Glenn Beck talk about the eugenics of Planned Parenthood, the International Criminal Court and the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child. I have heard Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly addressing issues of morality, ethics, and human rights. 

All of the pundits have talked about the appointment of a new Supreme Court Justice and the impact this is certain to have on the United States, a selection we are currently watching unfold. 

These topics and many more have been addressed on our television program, The Abundant Life.

Currently available for you:


Prgm 14257- Dismantling Christian America – Vincent Carrol
Prgm 14270- Government, Religion in New World Order – Mary Jo Anderson
Prgm 14318- The Catholic Church in America, Uncertain Future – David Carlin
Prgm 14238- Current Issues Affecting the Faith – Mary Jo Anderson
Prgm 14210- The Church, the UN and Dissident Groups – Mary Jo Anderson
Prgm 14374- The New Judiciary: Renegade Judges – Phyllis Schlafly

To view any or all of these go to and click on the “What’s New” icon. Select Grace Alert and you are on your way.


We hope to serve you with programming that is relevant and important to your life and faith. As issues warrant, we will add offerings to this group and send you a Grace Alert to let you know they are available. To receive your Grace Alert simply go to our website and sign up for our mailing list right there on the home page.

Share the good news about our Grace Alert free service  with your family and friends!





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