My Constant Companion


“I guess that is what dying must be like;God hand in hand to be finished and to be able to look back at the struggles of life, and know that God was your constant companion.”

                               ~Mother Angelica


For Reflection:

How has God been my companion through the struggles of my life? Pray for the spiritual eyes to see this reality.


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Johnnette Benkovic, Susan Brinkmann, OCDS


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Chapter 1   The Annunciation

Although it wasn’t at all what Mary expected to happen to her, when she submitted to the will of God and said “yes,” the Redeemer entered the world and would forever alter the course of mankind. Called by God to Bring Salvation to the World The Blessed Virgin Mary was specially chosen to bring Jesus into the world. She was to become the perfect “channel” through which God would present us with His greatest Gift—Jesus. This is why we esteem Mary above all the saints, for God entrusted this highest honor to her alone.

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