Preparing, Purifying


“Stir up our hearts, O Lord, to prepare theHoly Purity prayer ways of Thy only-begotten Son: That by His coming we may be able to serve Him with purified minds.”

                             ~Roman Missal, Collect for
                               Second Sunday

For Reflection:

Is there an area of my thought processes or imagination that needs to be purified? In what specific way can I cooperate with grace during this Advent season to aid this process of purification?


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Chapter 1   The Annunciation

And so, this humble girl of perhaps 15 came to know that she was the one chosen by God from all eternity to bring redemption to the world. The early Church Fathers tell us that all of heaven held its breath, waiting for her answer, for the salvation of the world depended upon it. With what gratitude and relief did heaven sigh when the Virgin Mary agreed to God’s plan for her life!

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