Moved By Helplessness


“Christ shines into the bottom of theHumility 9 humble heart; for Christ is always moved by helplessness whenever a man complains of it and lays it before Him with humility.”

                   -Blessed Jan Van Ruysbroeck

For Reflection:

Am I willing to admit that I am helpless? Where am I helpless today? Can I lay it before Christ and wait patiently for His light to shine within me that I might find His way and His truth?


b1194Full of Grace:
Women and the Abundant Life

Johnnette Benkovic
Pb 238 pgs
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Chapter One   Page 19
The Special Call and Gift of Woman

The Blessed Mother:  The Perfect Model of Womanhood

It is the Blessed Virgin Mary, the one who was filled with the very life of God, who best models for us how to live out the fullness of our feminine nature. It is she who shows us how to permeate our culture with the living Word of God. The Blessed Mother perfectly demonstrates both physical and spiritual motherhood. What was it that took place within Mary during those nine months when she was with child?

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