Praise God For Humiliations!!


“Great graces cannot be obtained withouthumility of heart humility…When you yourself experience humiliation, you should take it as a sure sign that some great grace is in store.”

                           -St. Bernard of Clairvaux
For Reflection:

Considering this quote by St. Bernard of Clairvaux, is it possible that I can begin to praise God for the humiliations I receive? How can I begin to hone the eyes of my soul so that I don’t miss the “great grace” that is to come after the humiliation?


b1194Full of Grace:
Women and the Abundant Life

Johnnette Benkovic
Pb 238 pgs
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Chapter One   Page 11
The Special Call and Gift of Woman

Because Mary was the woman God selected from all time to give birth to His Son, Jesus Christ, she figured prominently in the redemption of the human race.  Her role in salvation history began with conception of Jesus and it continues throughout time.

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