Hues Of Faith


“With Christians, a poetical view offaith9 things is a duty. We are bid to color all things with hues of faith, to see a divine meaning in every event.”
        -Cardinal John Henry Newman


For Reflection:
Do I “color all things with hues of faith?” Do I see “a divine meaning in every event?”If I were to do so, how would this encourage the virtue of patience in me? What one situation or circumstance am I presently facing that can give me this opportunity?



True Devotion to Mary
by Saint Louis De Montfort.

Fr. Frederick Faber, translator Pb 215 Pgs
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St  Louis De Montfort himself prophesied regarding True Devotion to Mary: “I clearly foresee that raging beasts shall come in fury to tear with their diabolical teeth this little writing and him whom the Holy Ghost has made use of to write it–or at least to smother it in the darkness and silence of a coffer, that it may not appear. They shall even attack and persecute those who shall read it and carry it out in practice.” (T.D., no. 114) This prediction was fulfilled to the letter.

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