This Culture Can be Healed!

Road sign with gay marriage textIn the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision in Obergefell v. Hodges which made same-sex marriage the law of the land, those of us who believe in traditional marriage should not be tempted to “throw in the towel” just yet!

Writing for Aleteia, Dale O’Leary, author of The Gender Agenda: Redefining Equality  and One Man One Woman , makes five simple suggestions for how to win back the culture with charity and reason.

1. Confront the Sexual Revolutionaries and their promotion of Utilitarian ethics.

We all want real love, including LGBT persons, but the sexual revolution and its promotion of sex-at-no-cost has made it difficult for us to find true love while being encouraged to use other human beings as objects of pleasure. This is as true for heterosexual as it is for LGBT persons – and it’s something we can all change.

2. Freedom of religion and freedom of speech must be defended.

Legal defense groups that take on cases of those who refuse to violate their faith – such as bakers and photographers who won’t serve same-sex marriages – need to be prayerfully and financially supported because these cases are expensive.

We must call upon our legislators to craft laws that are broad enough “to include the rights of artists and craftsmen, the right to receive counseling for SSA [same-sex attraction], the right to speak prophetically, the right to share their opinions without fear of being fined or fired, and some way to mitigate the enormous costs incurred for defending one’s freedom of religion,” O’Leary suggests.

women consoling each other3. Prayer, fasting, repentance, and reparation.

It is vitally important that we pray, fast, repent and repair for people with same-sex attraction (SSA) and gender identity disorder (GID), as well as for their children and parents.

“They have suffered. While they insist that they don’t need our prayers, we must pray for them anyway,” O’Leary writes.

This includes praying for the activists who slander and attack us.

“We need to personally repent if we have used ugly and demeaning language. We must make reparation for the sins of our country, following the example of the three young men thrown into the fiery furnace who repented for the sins of their nation (Daniel 3).”

We must also be careful not to judge them because we simply don’t know what life events may have impacted their choice to be LGBT; however, we do know that as many as 40 percent of persons who self-identify as LGBT were sexual abused.

“We must face down the charge of homophobia and show by our actions that we love them more than their friends do, because we want what is best for them and their children. The best is the freedom of a forgiven child of God,” O’Leary writes.

4. Support groups.

“In spite of the fact that gay activists insist that they don’t need therapy, we must be there for those who want help,” O’Leary suggests, and suggests that every community provide support groups and therapists to help those who experience SSA and GID to live chastely.

This includes supporting children of same-sex couples who suffer the loss of either a mother or a father but who are too often denied the right to grieve by a population that desperately wants to make same-sex families “normal”.

“The children of same-sex couples know they have been deprived of something essential, but will be told that their family’s choice to so deprive them was ‘heroic’,” O’Leary states. “We need to be ready to comfort the adult children of same-sex couples, who are torn between love for the people who raised them and anger at being denied a parent of both Faith Road Signsexes by those same people.”

5. We need to know and speak the truth about SSA and GID.

The public is compassionate and has been made to feel sorry for LGBT persons by a manipulative media and political system. In spite of all the evidence to the contrary, which no one is permitted to broadcast because of the dictates of political correctness, many people believe that LGBT persons are “born that way”, can’t change, and are just like the “straight” population in every way.

“We have failed to convince the public, including many of our friends, that none of this is true,” O’Leary writes. “The cause for SSA and GID matters. There is absolutely no evidence that SSA and GID are genetically predetermined and unchangeable, and substantial evidence that early experiences play a significant part. It is even more obvious that transgender desires are a sign of a psychological disorder. Prevention, spontaneous change, and healing are possible.”

If we speak the truth, we spare our LGBT friends and family from the depression, suicidal ideation and substance abuse that plagues this population – not because they are discriminated against but because they have psychological disorders that are not being addressed.

“The entertainment industry has portrayed same-sex couples as happy, stable, faithful, loving, better that the dysfunctional traditional husband and wife. This is a fantasy,” O’Lear writes. “Same-sex couples are unstable. Among male couples, infidelity is the norm, not the exception. Children raised by same-sex couples are negatively affected.”

But convincing the public that they have been sold lies will not be easy, because the gay activists call the truth “homophobic hate speech” and want to make it a crime, O’Leary reminds. This is why we may need legislation to protect our right to speak the truth.

“While redefining marriage will hurt society, the primary victims will be the LGBT community itself and their children. The redefinition of marriage will not solve their problems. They may sincerely believe that total acceptance will finally heal their wounds and they will no longer feel different. All it will do is remove their excuse for self-destructive behaviors.”

Although none of these simple solutions are novelties, they are a call to be true to who we are – children of a loving and merciful God. This plan is designed to change hearts and minds.

And with God on our side, it is all gloriously possible!

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