Patience And Fortitude


“Patience is the queen of thePatience Fortitude 2 soul. She is seated on the rock of fortitude. She conquers and is never conquered.”

                                   -Archbishop Ullathorne





For Reflection:

What is the connection between patience and fortitude? Why does patience conquer but is never conquered?



The Angels and Their Mission: According to the Fathers of the Church
Jean Danielou  Pb 144 pgs
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Chapter 1    Page 4

This, then is a doctrine that is solidly established in tradition and in reason. With all due deference to the rationalism of certain of our contemporaries, the intelligent and forceful government to which the order of the universe bears witness might very easily have heavenly spirits as its ministers.  This bond between the angels and the visible universe, furthermore, could very well give us the key to certain mysteries.

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