Prayer Of Self Knowledge


Prayer for God’s Will 
Lord Jesus, may I know myself and know Thee.trinity3divinepersons7 
And desire nothing save only Thee.
May I hate myself and love Thee.
May I do everything for the sake of Thee.
May I humble myself and exalt Thee.
May I think of nothing except Thee.
May I die to myself and live in Thee.
May I receive whatever happens as from Thee.
May I banish self and follow Thee.
And ever desire to follow Thee.
May I fly from myself and fly to Thee,
That I may deserve to be defended by Thee.
May I fear for myself and fear Thee.
And be among those who are chosen by Thee.
May I distrust myself and trust in Thee.
May I be willing to obey on account of Thee.
May I cling to nothing but to Thee.
May I be poor for the sake of Thee.
Look upon me that I may love Thee.
Call me that I may see Thee, and for ever enjoy Thee.
                                                          -St Augustine

For Reflection:

I seek the grace to say “Yes” to all that is in this prayer.


Manual for Spiritual Warfare 1695l
Paul Thigpen (344 pgs)
Click Here For More Information:
Part One:  Preparing for Battle
Page 7


What are demons?

The Church teaches that Satan and the other demons were at first good angels, created by God before the creation of the human race.  But they became evil by their own free choice, radically rejecting God and His reign.

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