On Knowing God’s Will IV


“After we have implored the light of thetemptation13 Holy Spirit, applied our thought to search for His good pleasure, taken counsel with our director and perhaps two or three other spiritual persons, we must come to a resolution and decision in the name of God.”
                               -St. Francis de Sales

For Reflection:
This quote reveals another tactic of the evil one. He will incite doubt, confusion, and uncertainty into our heart so as to hold up our consent to God. What about my own personality or temperament could cause me to fall victim to this strategy? Beg God for the grace to overcome this temptation.


Manual for Spiritual Warfare 1695l
Paul Thigpen (344 pgs)
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Part One:  Preparing for Battle
Page 4


Evidence of the battle

No doubt, some types of mental and physical illness have been wrongly attributed to demons, today as in the past. Nor can we deny that superstitions and legends about evil spirits abound.  But these misguided ideas about the Devil don’t in themselves prove that he doesn’t exist, just as age-old beliefs about a flat earth don’t prove that our planet doesn’t exist.

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