Speak To God


“Speak little to creatures but speak muchprayer4a-ban to God. He will make you truly wise.”

-Mary Mazarello

For Reflection:

Of the words I speak each day, what percentage do I speak to God and what percentage do I speak to creatures? Am I happy with these totals especially in light of the gift of wisdom?

(See tomorrow’s Graceline to discover why much chatter is counterproductive to the spiritual life.)



Life of Union with Mary
NEW! Fr. Emile Neubert, SM

PB 294 Pages
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Chapter Three   Page 13

Do Not Separate What God Has United

It is possible to find devotions to Mary that are somewhat selfish, undertaken to assure material help and sensible consolations, in which Jesus has hardly any part.  These fall far short of true union with Mary.  A real life of union with the Blessed Virgin without at the same time an increasing union with Christ does not exist, at least not for very long.

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