Smoothing Off Rough Edges


“We need to smooth off the rough edges aForgive14 little more each day [to] get rid of the defects in our own lives with a spirit of penance, with small mortifications. Jesus Christ will later make up for whatever is still lacking.”

                             –  St. Josemaria Escriva


For Reflection:

How does seeking forgiveness from others help to smooth off rough edges?


A Handbook on Guadalupe
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Francis Mary Pb 224 pgs

PART I   Page 13  The solemn insistence that the Indian fix his mind on what she is saying indicates the seriousness of what she is about to say:  He must fear nothing, he must let nothing discourage him, he is not alone in the world nor without help. Of whatever evils there are he must fear none.  Then she tells him why his soul must be free from fear. This is the most important part of the whole message.

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