How ObamaCare Hurts Women

By Susan Brinkmann, OCDS
Staff Journalist
A leading policy analyst says the various ObamaCare proposals on the Hill contain provisions that could prove harmful to women’s health care options as well as their pocketbooks.

With research showing that more than 60 percent of women say they felt forced to have their abortion, ObamaCare provisions that may open the door to increased funding for abortion will have a deleterious effect on women, almost all of whom admit to suffering  mental and emotional pain as a result of the procedure. More abortions are not what American women want.

However, while the debate remains primarily fixed on “reproductive health”, Matt Patterson, policy analyst for the National Center for Public Policy Research and a National Review Institute Washington Fellow says they stand to lose in other areas if these proposals make it into law.

Hardest hit will be elderly women. The House version of ObamaCare contains nearly $500 billion in cuts to Medicare spending which will result in a steep reduction in benefits for seniors.

Patterson points out that according to the Kaiser Family Foundation, “More than half (56%) of all Medicare beneficiaries are women; among the oldest old (ages 85 and older), 70% are women.”

Another area where women are hit hard by ObamaCare is the House plan to impose an income tax surcharge. Because women-owned companies account for 28 percent all businesses in this country, those women who pay business taxes through their personal-income tax forms will be especially hard hit by this provision.

And feminists are just beginning to howl over the Senate’s plan to impose a five percent excise tax on elective cosmetic procedures that will raise $5 billion over the next decade to help pay for the rest of the plan. Women account for more than 90 percent of these procedures.

Patterson quotes one blogger from a feminist web site who complains: ” . . .(W)omen are under extreme pressure to maintain a particular physical appearance — to look young, thin and attractive — it seems a little unfair that women are inundated with messages that we need to constantly improve our physical appearance, and then taxed when we take steps to do just that.”

“Women are rightly concerned about the rising costs of health care in America,” Patterson writes. “But we should all be wary of ‘cures’ that could be worse than the disease. If enacted into law, ObamaCare would effect women as mothers, workers and patients — and not always for the better.”

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