When Children Die for Christ

An Anglican priest known as the “Vicar of Baghdad” has heard many a horrifying tale from Iraqi Christians living under the brutal reign of ISIS militants, but one of the most moving stories was about a group of children who willingly accepted death rather than renounce Christ.

The Orthodox Christian Network has released a video of an Anglican priest named Andrew White  who has heard plenty of stories about the martyrdom of Christians since ISIS began its rampage through the country.

In one story, an adult man was confronted by ISIS militants who demanded that he “say the words” of conversion to Islam and renounce Christ.  “Say the words or we’ll kill all of your children!” the man was told.

Desperate to spare the lives of his children, the man relented and said the words of conversion.

He later called White in tears, confessing that he had “said the words” because he just couldn’t bear to see his children slaughtered.

“But I’ve always loved Yeshua (Jesus),” the man sobbed.
Does He still love me?”

“Yes, Jesus still loves you,” White said. “Jesus will always love you.”

A few days later, White heard yet another even more horrifying tale. A group of children, all under the age of 15, were confronted by ISIS fighters and ordered to say the words of conversion and renounce Christ.

“No,” the children said. “We love Yeshua. We have always followed Yeshua.”

“Say the words!” the militants demanded.

“No!” they insisted.

As a result, they all died.

“They chopped off all of their heads,” White says in the video. “How do you respond to that? You just cry.”

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