At Judgment:


“The soul sees what God intendedJudgementParticular it to be. And the soul sees what obstacles it erected – its selfishness, its cowardice, its shallow satisfactions, its perversions of God’s graces and His gifts. All this came between God and the soul in life.”

                                        -Susan Tassone

For Reflection:

What will I see at the moment of my particular judgment? Will I see that I have created obstacles between my soul and God? What might they be? I pray for the grace to dismantle these obstacles in this life so I will not take them with me to eternal life.

(See tomorrow’s Grace Line for some helpful hints on how to do this.)



The End of the Present World and the Mysteries of the Future Life
by Susan Conroy   Pb 336 pgs
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    by Father Charles Arminjon

 Pg 27

Nonetheless, Jesus Christ has judged it fitting that we should be instructed concerning it, because these great truths are not of speculative order, but are intended to bring about practical and immediate effects in the conduct of our lives.

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