Da Vinci Code Author Wants to Meet Pope

By Susan Brinkmann, OCDS
Staff Journalist

During an interview with the Italian press, Dan Brown, whose blasphemous novel, The Da Vinci Code, was condemned by the Vatican, says he would like a papal audience with the Pope.

According to the TimesOnline, Brown was being interviewed by La Repubblica about the publication of his latest novel, The Lost Symbol, when he admitted that he would like a papal audience. However, when asked if he had sought one, he said that asking the Pope to meet with him would be impolite and would only “embarrass” the pontiff.

“He might receive me while thinking he should not do so,” Brown surmised, then went on to say that if he was invited to Rome, he would “jump on a plane. Certainly there are many things we would not agree on, but that does not matter.”

The Da Vinci Code, a best-selling book that was later made into a movie, suggested that Jesus and Mary Magdalene had children, which the Church was trying to cover up. It was condemned as blasphemous by the Vatican.

As a result, the Vatican refused Brown permission to use Church facilities in Rome while filming his second movie, based on his novel, Angels and Demons

During the interview, Brown said he has considered basing a novel on the mysterious death of Roberto Calvi, the banker linked to both the Mafia and the Vatican who was found hanging under Blackfriars Bridge in 1982. Brown said he was aware of the alleged links between the Vatican bank, organized crime and an illegal masonic lodge code named P2, but has put the idea aside for the time being.

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