Is Aroma Touch New Age?

essential oilsCR asks: “Is aroma touch considered new age?” 

Yes. This is a questionable form of massage therapy that is based upon the existence of a universal life force and uses essential oils to address “four systemic constants” in daily life which may impact a person’s health: stress, immunity, the inflammatory response and autonomic imbalance.

The technique was developed by a chiropractor named David K. Hill who claims to have devoted himself to extensive research in the area of natural medicine and, specifically, essential oils and their alleged healing powers. The technique he developed makes use of the doTERRA brand of oils such as peppermint, lavender, melaleuca, and wild orange which are massaged into certain points on the body.

Essential oils are nothing more than concentrated extracts from plants and are referred to as “essential” only because they are said to carry a distinctive scent or “essence” of the plant.

According to Dr. Hill’s website this technique is founded upon the existence of an alleged energy force that New Agers believe animates the human body and refers to the “heart chakra” – one of seven alleged energy centers in the body – in its instructions to practitioners.

As this AromaTouch practitioner explains, these oils, coupled with the Aroma Therapy massage technique are believed “to provide a balancing of energy in the client’s energy system . . .”

In addition to the fact that science has never been able to substantiate the existence of this universal life force, this blog reports that there is no scientific evidence to support claims that essential oils do anything other than smell good.

While the products themselves are not New Age and can be used outside of the AromaTherapy application, most of the suppliers are deeply involved in the New Age which means purchasing them only serves to keep these snake-oil salesmen in business.

These oils should also be used with caution because of possible contaminants and impurities which could cause an allergic reaction or could interact negatively with any medication you might be taking.

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