Show Your Support for Iraqi Christians!

noon symbolA long-time member of the Oklahoma House of Representatives is calling upon the faithful around the world to show their support for beleaguered Iraqi Christians by putting the same symbol Islamic terrorists are carving into their homes and bodies on our Facebook pages, cars, homes – wherever the world needs to see how proud we are to be “marked” as Christians!

Writing for Patheos, Rebecca Hamilton, a staunchly Catholic and pro-life representative from Oklahoma is now using the same symbol on her Facebook page that Islamic terrorists are using to mark Christians in Iraq.

The symbol is the 14th letter of the Arabic alphabet and is pronounced “noon,” she explains.

“The symbol stands for Nasara or Nazarenes, which is supposed to be a pejorative Arabic word for Christians. But I can tell you that when I die, there would be no higher honor than to have my body labeled with the word Nazarene. What these murdering brutes intend as a dishonor is in fact, the highest honor. They are publicly labeling these people with the name of Christ the Lord. It is as if they are putting a sign on their bodies saying that, without doubt, the person whose body bears it is in heaven right now.”

While we need to “pity the poor murdering wretches” who are martyring Christians in Iraq and elsewhere in the world, we need to show our solidarity with our persecuted brothers and sisters.

“Put this symbol everywhere you can; on your Facebook page, on your tweets,” Hamilton suggests. “If I can find something to put on my car, it’s going there.”

She adds: “It is an honor to stand with Iraq’s persecuted Christians in the face of this genocide.”

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