What Was I Thinking?


“There are many who excuse themselves, saying that if they were in other circumstancesbishopfultonjsheen they would be much more patient. This is a grave mistake, for it assumes that virtue is a matter of geography, and not of moral effort. It makes little difference where we are; it all depends on what we are thinking about.” 

                                               -Fulton J. Sheen


For Reflection:

What is the connection between my thoughts and my actions? How can my thoughts help me to acquire patience regardless of my exterior circumstances? Where ought my thoughts be fixed if I am to grow in virtue?   gracelinefeature

Section Five:     The Peril of Interior Wounds

“Never must our wounded sensibilities make us indifferent or heardhearted.  The wounds that bleed are still alive;  let us rejoice if an unconscious hand by touching our wound proves that the tissues are full of life and will one day have a sweet healing through a continual interior action.”

                                                                        -Elisabeth Leseur

Grace-Filled Moments 

Johnnette Benkovic
Pb 240 pgs
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