Rights & Entitlements



“Fly a thousand miles from saying,St Teresa Avila8 ‘I was in the right: it was not right for me to suffer this, they had no right to do such a thing to me.’ Do you think there was any question of rights when Jesus suffered the injuries which were so unrighteously inflicted on Him?” 

                                   -St. Teresa of Avila

For Reflection:

How does the “rights” and “entitlement” mindset of our contemporary culture affect me with regard to the virtue of patience? What practical steps or strategies can I take to alleviate its influence?



28.  In the Heavens Mary commands the angels and the blessed.  As a recompense for her profound humility, God has empowered her and commissioned her to fill with saints the empty thrones from which the apostate angels fell by pride.  True Devotion 

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