Re-Purposing My Possessions


“The bread that you store up belongs to the hungry,St BasiltheGreat-04

the cloak that lies in your chest belongs to the naked; the gold that you have hidden in the ground belongs to the poor.”

-St. Basil the Great 


For Reflection:

To what extent do I have the food, clothing, and money of others in my possession? What do I resolve to do about it?


“O Spirit of truth, make me know Your Word; teach me to remember all He has said; enlighten me, guide  me, make me comformable to Jesus as an ‘alter Christus’, another Christ, by giving me His virtues, especially His patience, humility, and obedience; let me take part in His redemptive work by making me understand and love the Cross.

Divine Intimacy: Meditations on the Interior Life
for Every Day of the Liturgical YearB1524L-a
by Fr. Gabriel of St. Mary Magdalen, O.C.D
Meditation 194, page 563

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