Baptism and Confirmation: The Sacraments of Enlistment and Combat

For many years now I have been speaking about the Kingdom of God on earth and how it is that the Church embodies all the elements of this Kingdom (King-Jesus, Queen Mother-Mary, Prime-Minister-The Pope, Cabinet Members-The Bishops, Commissioned Officers-The Priests, and Knights-Those Baptized and Confirmed.

The Church teaches us that the Christian life on earth is a warfare. And I thought I would share just a small quote from the Catechism of the Council of Trent on Baptism as Enlistment and Confirmation as Strengthening for battle.

“In Baptism man is enlisted into the service, in Confirmation he is equipped for battle; at the baptismal font the Holy Ghost imparts fullness to accomplish innocence, but in Confirmation he ministers perfection to grace; in Baptism we are regenerated unto life, after Baptism we are fortified for the combat; in Baptism we are cleansed, after Baptism we are strengthened; regeneration of itself saves those who receive Baptism in time of peace, Confirmation arms and makes ready for conflicts.

These are truths not only already recorded by other Councils, but specially defined by the holy Council of Trent; so that we are therefore no longer at liberty not only to think otherwise, but even to entertain the least doubt concerning them.”

So fellow Warriors for the Kingdom, lets start examining what it is we are part of so we can put into practice the rules of engagement that came with our enlistment into the Kingdom of God. For we are all “Called to Knighthood“.

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