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rosary flagAs fears grow that Russia and Ukraine could ignite another World War, a large Christian coalition is mobilizing a 40 day prayer campaign for peace beginning Monday, April 28th 2014 and ending on June 6.

According to a press release from the organizers of 40 Days of Prayer & Fasting for Peace, we need to respond to the many crises impacting our world today, from an unprecedented global financial crises to record-breaking natural disasters and attacks against life, family, and religious freedom.  Prayer and fasting has moved many mountains in the past, and can do so again!

As soon-to-be saint Pope John Paul II said about the power of prayer and fasting, “Jesus himself has shown us by his own example that prayer and fasting are the first and most effective weapons against the forces of evil,” (Pope John Paul II, Evangelium Vitae 1994).

Last September 7th, Pope Francis called the world to a prayer and fasting vigil for peace. More than a hundred thousand people gathered in St. Peter’s Square in response to Pope Francis’ appeal. He said, “I ask the Lord that we Christians, and our brothers and sisters of other religions, and every man and woman of good will, cry out forcefully: Violence and War are never the way to peace.” The Pope began by praying the Rosary and at the end he invoked Mary “Queen of Peace, pray for us.” The Pope wrote to his nine million followers on Twitter, “Pray for peace.”

To help combat these alarming threats, a grassroots Coalition of Catholic and Christian organizations worldwide are mobilizing for the 40 Days of Prayer and Fasting for Peace.

Coalition chairperson Maureen Flynn says, “Many news broadcasters and religious commentators speak today about our global financial crisis, the scandals of our administration, and the global imminent threat of world war. However, few speak about our rapid spiritual and moral decline, which manifest in our families and our nations. Many people believe that America is now under God’s judgment. In addition to the concern over the state of our global economies and the violence in our world, there should be outrage and sorrow over the daily destruction of over 4,000 unborn babies in America through abortion, the euthanizing of our elderly, and the mass shootings of our youth, etc.”

The faithful can sign up and pledge whatever prayer and fasting they feel capable of contributing to this effort, which will take place over the course of 40 days, beginning on Monday, April 28.

“As individuals, as families, and as nations we must pray and fast for a return to a moral and spiritual nation founded on God,” Flynn says.

“Our Lord is a God of Mercy and He responds to our repentance and prayers!”

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