Remains of Aborted Babies Used to Provide Electricity in Oregon

Covanta Marion facility

Covanta Marion facility

A shocking new report has caused the shutting down of a waste-to-energy incinerator in Oregon after it was revealed that the remains of babies destroyed by abortion in British Columbia were being shipped to the facility and used to provide electricity to residents of Oregon. is reporting that the British Columbia Health Ministry recently admitted in an e-mail to the B.C. Catholic that “biomedical waste” shipped to the U.S. includes “human tissue, such as surgically removed cancerous tissue, amputated limbs, and fetal tissue.”

It also said that it understands that “some is transferred to Oregon. There it is incinerated in a waste-to-energy plant.”

This plant has been identified as the Covanta Marion waste-to-energy facility in Oregon.

These shocking revelations prompted immediate action from the Oregon county commission who has ordered the incinerator to stop accepting boxed medical waste from British Columbia.

“We provide an important service to the people of this state and it would be a travesty if this program is jeopardized due to this finding,” said Sam Brentano, chairman of the Marion County board of commissioners. “We thought our ordinance excluded this type of material at the waste-to-energy facility. We will take immediate action to ensure a process is developed to prohibit human tissue from future deliveries.”

Marion County Commission Janet Carlson was equally distressed by the news. “We are outraged and disgusted that this material could be included in medical waste received at the facility,” Carlson said in a written statement. “We did not know this practice was occurring until today. We are taking immediate action and initiating discussions with Covanta Marion to make certain that this type of medical waste is not accepted in the future.”

It is unclear how long the facility has been using fetal remains in the plant because current statutes include fetuses in the disposal of medical waste. However, Brentano said the county’s board held an emergency meeting yesterday morning to ban the practice.

Bud Waterman, a former temp worker at Covanta Marion, Inc., told that the plant has been accepting tractor trailers full of biohazards two to three times a week and believes the facility has been incinerating fetuses for years.

An investigation into the practice is ongoing.

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