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“It is not a slight consolation for lifelong mourners to knowMaryMadonnaofSorrow that our Blessed Lady was a lifelong mourner too. Let us be of good cheer. Let us look our great sorrow in the face, and say to it, “You have made up your mind not to part with me till I go down to the grave: be, then, a second guardian angel to me, be a shadow of God, hindering the heat and glare of this world from drying up the fountains of prayer within my heart.’”

                                  – Father Frederick Faber

For Reflection:            

Often, it is not only the death of a loved one we mourn. In addition to Jesus’ death, what else do you think constituted Mary’s lifelong mourning? What are the mourning’s of your life? What is the temptation regarding them that this quote alludes to? How can our mourning’s become a “second guardian angel” to us? How can they become meritorious for ourselves and for others?

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