Exorcism Makes a Believer Out of Psychologist

devilA Pittsburgh-area psychologist says that assisting in nearly 100 exorcisms has convinced him of the devil’s existence and the war being waged between heaven and hell.

KDKA in Pittsburgh is reporting on Adam Blai, a psychologist who has been assisting in exorcisms for the past 10 years. He admits to being a skeptic when he first became involved in the work, but what he witnessed over the years has convinced him of the truth about good and evil.

“Basically, it’s a war between heaven and hell, that’s been going on since Creation started, and it’s a war over us for the most part,” Blai told KDKA’s Andy Sheehan.

He described seeing people whose mouths weren’t moving, and yet the sound coming out of them was beyond what any human could produce.

“I’ve also seen bones dislocate spontaneously, and pop out when something animated the body and put the body into a different shape,” he said.

” . . . (W)e’ve seen the demon and possessed call out to its brothers and doors blow off and there’s nothing there, but something has entered the room. That happens all the time.”

He admitted to personally summoning angels and saints to help him in the battle against the kingdom of darkness.

It wasn’t always so, however. When he first became involved in assisting with the ritual, he was very skeptical.

“Your mind rebels against really believing that this is really real, even after you’ve seen some things,” he says. “But eventually, the evidence piles up, and the pile becomes so large that you really have to accept it.”

In his career, he has studied some of the most violent killers but found at least some humanity in them, which was not the case with people who are possessed.

“When you interact with somebody possessed by a demon, their heart is so completely and totally black and devoid of any hesitation or compassion that you know in your heart that they would tear you apart and be smiling the entire time,” Blai said.

“It really changes you, and to see a full-blown case like they would make movies about — though Hollywood always exaggerates things a little bit – it really kind of straightens out your spiritual life.”

He added: “And you have to think very hard about what you’re going to do with that knowledge.”

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